Christmas Island Hash House Harriers
A Family club that runs Thursday at 1630.
Slow Runners welcome. Run details posted on the Town Notice board at the round-about.
PO Box 515
Christmas Island WA 6798
John "Porno Director" Ford, 0439 215 914(MOB)
Steve "Petty Orificer" Watson, 0439 215 321(MOB),
Last Update: 05/06/2013

Cocos Island Hash House Harriers
A Mixed club that runs Monday at 1630.
Adults only. Run or walk beneath coconut trees, along white sandy beaches and through the inner lagoon, taking in the length and breadth of West Island visiting places not normally seen by visitors and locals alike.
Notice is on the Cocos Club board after lunch on Monday. Bring 6 beers or UDL's, ciders, wines, champers, etc whether you drink or not. Also a few dollars for the raffle and wear Hash attire. Don't be shy in asking what a "tubing" is when in the circle.
Shane "Bugsy" Charleston, (08) 9162 7751
Tania "No Sense" Charleston, (08) 9162 7751
Greg "Showbag" Cahil, (08) 9162 6660
Lee "Ringer" Hegarty, (08) 9162 6762
Mike "Wacuda" Keogh, (08) 9162 6722
Last Update: 19/02/2014